Without adding any additional clinical staff, BillTech Solutions offers care coordinators methods for enhanced patient engagement through a user-friendly interface, resulting in higher patient satisfaction and increased revenue. Higher clinical visits for doctors and no administrative burden both contribute to the delivery of high-quality treatment. BillTech Solutions gives doctors the tools they need to use value-based care strategies that improve patient outcomes, enhance reimbursements, and assist patients. The burden of administrative work on the part of the physicians makes assuring the quality of healthcare more difficult. Under the guise of a value-based care paradigm, CMS launched the Chronic Care Management project in 2015 with the goal of assisting patients in achieving greater health via integrated, continuing care and management of their chronic diseases.

Our Chronic Care Management Program Offers

We offer Medicare-based solutions as a true partner that are intended to increase patient care and revenue without placing an undue load on your personnel. Our software’s key features assist you in streamlining every aspect of the operation. Let’s examine a few of these characteristics:

  • Personalized care coordination
  • Certified Care Coordinators
  • No Additional Clinical Staff
  • More Reimbursements
  • Unimpeded monitoring
  • Better patient engagement
  • Free training for adaptability
  • Customizable Reports & Insights

About the Process

Contacting CCM services only takes a phone call. The only requirement for enrollment in this program is verbal agreement over the phone, which counts as enrollment. Consult your doctor about your eligibility for this program. Your enrollment may be canceled at any time.

Our program has a user-friendly interface, a secure web gateway, and is scalable and simple to use. To assist healthcare professionals in keeping their patients healthy, we offer powerful care management software and training. Our software serves as an innovative technology solution for all of your demands and is HIPAA compliant and patient-centric. By collaborating with The BillTech, Inc., practitioners can successfully offer Chronic Care Management Services. Our experts work with you to streamline patient medication management and maximize Medical CCM Reimbursements.

How Chronic Care Management Program Works?

At BillTech Solutions, our bilingual care coordinators give the practices particular objectives, obstacles, and outcomes to concentrate on in order to manage patients who are chronically ill. The Care Manager supports self-management by assisting with appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and other tasks. During the monthly phone call, he will also assist in developing a treatment plan, discuss issues pertaining to patient health, and monitor your progress. Patients can now discuss any problems they are having or any worries they may have regarding their health.

All the health conditions are noted to update the care plan, allowing the providers to have the latest customized insights and information for maintaining quality healthcare in between the office visits. It enables the providers to anticipate the upcoming issues the patient may face and react in time to avoid any urgent medical condition. A copy is also available for patients to share with other care providers that may be involved in other aspects of the patient’s well-being.

Select BillTech Solutions,  as your Chronic Care Management Program Partner

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BillTech Solutions is allowing providers to win more recognition and high reimbursements through its astute multilingual coordinators and scalable software